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Angry client blasts FNB with banner

Angry client blasts FNB with banner
Angry client blasts FNB with banner

The banner, with the FNB slogan changed, reads: “In the interest of the public, FNB slogan sucks.

When FNB stole, lied, in high Court and committed fraud, I asked for help…No help given!

Dubbed the rotten bank, Niemand tells his experience of “bad service” he received at FNB.

“How Can We Help you?” Not in my case. Not the FNB Care Hotline, not the CEO of Home Loans, Jan Kleynhans and not the CEO of FNB, Michael Jordaan at any time during my nightmare dealings with FNB, lived up to the ‘so-called’ promise relayed to the public in all their advertising campaigns.

The disgruntled Niemand claims this is a personal vendetta against him by FNB institution.

“I own various properties in the Johannesburg area, bonded by FNB and which are all rented out. One very specific property in Brixton and FNB’s dealings with me with regards to this property, has been the cause of my now deteriorating health, financial insecurity and total loss of trust in this financial institution,” said Niemand.

“My property was sold on auction on the 10th December 2009 for an amount of R272 000. This whilst I had an offer of R735 000 and the purchaser had provided proof to FNB of the availability of his funds.

This caused me severe financial stress. I had bargained on the approximately R500 000 that I would receive from the proceeds to sort out my life and make sure all my other bond payments on the other properties are up to date, added Niemand.



Beware of angry consumers – http://youtu.be/NvByeDG2ohY

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