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Two faces of South Africa’s corruption battle

Is South Africa turning a corner in its battle against corruption?

Two powerful images emerged this week, offering starkly contradictory perspectives on the country’s long and tortuous struggle against high-level graft and its attempts to repair a broken judicial system.

The first picture was of a bright red Ferrari (an FF F151, if you must know) being confiscated by officials from South Africa’s Asset Forfeiture Unit, along with a Bentley convertible, two staggeringly opulent villas and others items worth a total of 300m rand ($18.2m; £14m).

Ever since former President Jacob Zuma was pushed out of office, in disgrace, two years ago, and his successor promised to wage war against the “state capture” – the grand corruption that flourished so spectacularly during the Zuma era, the public has been waiting, with growing impatience, to see prominent figures arrested and to see a culture of high-level impunity brought to an abrupt end…..


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