In the matter between: THE STANDARD BANK OF SA LTD, Plaintiff, and LANG, PETER JOHANNES, 1st Defendant,
and LANG, ESTELLE GYLNNES, 2nd Defendant
On the 27th day of June 2014 at 10h00 a public auction will be held at the Sheriff’s Office, 19 Pollock Street, Randfontein,
however the conditions of sale, shall lie for inspection at 19 Pollock Street, Randfontein, which the Sheriff will, pursuant to the
judgment of the above Honourable Court in this action, warrant of execution issued in terms thereof and attachment in
execution made thereunder, sell:
Erf 358, Homelake Township, Registration Division I.Q., Province of Gauteng, measuring 758 (seven hundred and fiftyeight)
square metres, held by Deed of Transfer No. T28031/2004, situated at 9 Conrad Road, Homelake.
The following improvements of a single storey dwelling, under a cement roof with brick building and steelwindows,
bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, bathroom and toilet (not warranted to be correct in every respect).
The material conditions of sale are:
1. The sale shall, in all respects, be governed by the High Court Rules made thereunder or any amendment thereto or
substitution therefore and, subject thereto, the property shall be sold “voetstoots” to the highest bidder without reserve.
2. The price shall bear interest at the rate current from time to time in terms of the Mortgage Bond over the property held
by the Standard Bank of SA Ltd.
3. The purchaser shall be obliged to pay a deposit of 10% (ten per centum) of the purchase price, immediately after the
sale and the balance of the purchase price and interest shall, within 14 (fourteen) days of date of sale, be paid or secured by
unconditional or approved bank and/or building society guarantee/s payable to the Sheriff and/or such other person/s as he
requires on transfer of the property to the purchaser.
4. The purchaser shall be liable for and shall pay to Plaintiff’s conveyancers on request, the fees of the sheriff for acting as
auctioneer and all amounts necessary to obtain transfer of the property, including stamp duty, other costs of transfer and all
such rates and taxes and leasehold and other charges which are payable to the local or other authority prior to passing of
transfer of the property to the purchaser.
5. Possession and occupation of the property shall, subject to the rights of the existing tenant/s pass to the purchaser upon
the sale being affected from which date all benefits, risks and liability shall pass to the purchaser.
Dated at Germiston on this the 2nd day of May 2014.
Stupel & Berman Inc, Plaintiff’s Attorneys, 70 Lambert Street, Germiston; PO Box 436, Germiston, 1400; Docex 3,
Germiston. Tel: (011) 776-3000. Fax: (011) 873-0991. (Ref: S Pillay/LM/58610.)

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